ASL Intercom BV Case Study


For ASL Intercom BV, the award-winning specialists in intercom systems for the broadcast and entertainment industry, developing advanced, reliable and quality solutions that constantly meet the extreme demands of live entertainment and broadcast production has been the key to their 30-year success.  So when ASL embarked on the development of its latest Digital Intercom System - The Flexus Series comprising master stations, speaker stations and beltpacks – the company chose Densitron’s full 262K colour OLED displays as key components within its new range.


Wil Stam, Managing Director of ASL Intercom BV explains, “When working in the highly intense, extremely pressurised fast-paced environments of live entertainment and broadcast, having constant, reliable and uninterrupted communication with all production teams is absolutely essential.  With so much ongoing activity and multi-tasking required in these situations, the last thing production teams need to worry about is a communications breakdown.  Therefore, the intercom solutions we provide them need to be extremely robust, highly flexible, easy to use and 110% dependable.”


Having partnered with Densitron for over a decade, ASL Intercom had been using a range of Denistron’s displays in its existing communications solutions, so was confident in the quality and reliability of its technology.  It has also come to respect the ongoing support, advice and customer service of the company’s technical and sales teams.


Ronald de Kruif, a team leader at ASL Intercom BV involved in the development of the Flexus series worked with Densitron over a period of nearly two years testing a variety of different products before making the final selection of Densitron’s full colour OLED display.    Says Ronald, “It was important to us that the displays for our new solution would deliver an enhanced user experience and provide clear, highly visual images and graphics.  More importantly, as our products are used for both internal and external production environments, it was essential that the display we chose would be easily viewed, not only in more dimly lit backstage areas, but just as visible in daylight and direct sunlight for outside production.” 


Ronald continues, “We tried and tested many other displays during prototype development.  However, the low power consumption and outstanding image quality of such a small screen of the Densitron was really impressive and became the obvious choice.  Not only that, it delivered the visual clarity and wide viewing angles we required both indoors as well as for outdoor production environments, something that is extremely hard to achieve.”


Densitron's slim profile full 262K colour OLED display uses ultra-low power technology to deliver high quality resolution and contrast.  This makes the characters and graphics displayed look sharper and crisp in any working environment. 


Wil Stam continues, “In the ever changing world of live broadcast and entertainment, communications technology not only has to be cutting-edge and highly dependable, it also has to offer a quick simple and intuitive user interface suited to the fast-paced challenges of modern production environments.  Working with Densitron, who share the same ethos of quality, reliability and customer service and with their long-standing understanding of the rigors of the broadcast industry have certainly helped support our team in the development of our latest Flexus Digital Intercom Series which is already proving a success amongst our customers.”


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