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Optical Bonding process

A short video illustrating how optical bonding takes place on our displays

Optical Bonding process

A short video illustrating how optical bonding takes place on our displays

Broadcast capabilities

Densitron's broadcast capabilities

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OLED Testing

OLED testing

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Densitron OLEDs prove ideal choice for PHABRIX RX1000 RASTERIZER


TANGENT chooses Densitron for its excellent support and quality solutions

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Our FAQs

How is the brightness on an LCD module measured?

The surface is divided into 9 equivalent partitions, and the brightness is measured from the centre of each partition. An average is calculated from these 9 measurements.

What is cd/m2?

cd/m2 is the acronym for candela per square metre, which is the unit of brightness. It can sometimes be referred to as 'nits'.

What is LCD response time?

Response time is the amount of time a pixel in an LCD takes to go from black to white and back to black again. It is measured in milliseconds (ms). Smaller values represent faster transitions and therefore provide a smoother image.

How is contrast ratio defined?

Contrast ratio is the ratio of maximum to minimum brightness that a display is capable of producing, measured at the centre of the screen by displaying a raster or window pattern.

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