Mono OLED-DD-25664xx-xx (2.80")

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Mono OLED-DD-25664xx-xx (2.80")

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  • Size (inches): 2.80
  • Dimension WxHxD (mm): 85.10 x 25.80 x 2.00
  • Resolution: 256 x 64
  • Interface: 4-SPI, 8 Bit 68XX/80XX Parallel
  • Controller: SSD1322
  • Viewing Area WxH (mm): 71.10 x 19.26

Densitron's 2.8" OLED display comes in white, yellow and light blue colours with a Zif Connector type. These are all very popular models and have been in the market for over 10 years. They provide a 4 bit grey scale allowing 16 different colour shades from completely dark to full brightness. They have a graphic resolution of 256 x 64 allowing a good 4 lines of text, and use Solomon SSD1322, COF (Chip On Flex) driver IC.


This display is hardware compatible with our 2.7”, 3.12” and 5.5” OLED Displays. We offer the Arduino kit for product evaluation.


Available Models:

DD-25664YW-3A Yellow

DD-25664BE-4A Light Blue

DD-25664WE-3A White

Download (3.71mb)


Connector type DD-25664BE-4A

Download (1.78mb)


Connector type DD-25664YW-3A

Download (2.24mb)



Wide Ranging Applications

Alphanumeric OLEDs are perfect for card reader, DAB, measuring equipment, point of sale and smart meter applications.

All standard versions Custom quotes

Why Densitron?


We have invested in R&D facilities and staff to deliver unrivalled service in our industry


We have invested in tools to assist you with evaluation, prototype and production


The Densitron/Quixant group has over 43 years experience as a global display company

Total Solution

We work with our clients to deliver an end-to-end service from concept to total solution

Commonly used when you need...

Slim Profile

Thickness down to 1.3mm and small dot pitch size

Wide viewing angle

Good visibility from long distances to near 170°

Superior optical properties

High colour saturation, high contrast

Fast reponse time

Flicker free image

Frequently used in...

  • Gaming
  • Mobile
  • Cameras

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Download Spec: DD-25664BE-4A

Download (3.71mb)

Download Spec: DD-25664YW-3A

Download (1.78mb)

Download Spec: DD-25664WE-3A

Download (2.24mb)