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Densitron has recognised optical bonding as a useful capability for many years, and has registered its own patented technology, Solisbond® to enable customers to take advantage of this important feature in both indoor and outdoor applications. As displays suffer from a wash-out effect in bright conditions, optical bonding is considered a ’must-have’ for any outdoor application.


When traditional display mountings are used, the display itself can be subject to reduced clarity, glare, condensation, and inconsistency with touch. Applying a layer of Densitron’s Solisbond® between the display and the cover lens negates all of these challenges. Solisbond® is reworkable and is also capable of bonding with different materials such as glass and plastic substrates.


Increasing contrast & readability
Better results when conditions demand the best

Reducing wash-out in bright conditions
Great for both indoor and outdoor applications

Improving strength & durability; 
Protecting from moisture/dust


Find out what makes Densitron optical bonding the best solution for you



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