Densitron Europe integrated TFT Touch and Bonding solutions.


Densitron Europe welcomes in 2015, with a brief overview of our TFT, touch and bonding solutions. Our trademarked SolisBond® technology, allows a cover glass, or touch screen to be optically bonded directly onto the front of a TFT LCD Module. 

Products are assembled and bonded at our Taiwanese class 10K clean room facility, giving our European clients the comfort and confidence, that their product is warranted and tested by a single provider, with no external outsourcing. 

Our major advantage is to offer flexible, customized, bonded display and touch solutions, with competitive pricing and niche technical features.


• IPS TFT with fully custom FPC design. 
• Projected Capacitive touch sensors, standard and bespoke. OGS/GG/FG. 
• Optical bonding, tape and gasket bonding, clean room assembly and testing. 
• Custom cover lenses. Glass, PMMA, PC with AR/AG and other finishes. 
• Enhanced impact resistance and sunlight readable performance. 
• Flexible MOQ’s and short lead times. 

If you are looking to partner with a true solution provider and manufacturer, please contact us today. For further information about our products and services, please contact us. 

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