Get started with Wi-Fi Enabled, battery powered E-Paper signage, at our upcoming Webinar.


DensiPaper is a battery powered, Wi-Fi enabled, E-paper based signage product. It is designed to replace static signage in buildings and offices where cabling prohibits other digital signage solutions.

DensiPaper comes in 3 sizes; 4.41”, 7.4” and 10.2” to cater for different types of information within buildings and can be tiled to create bigger display walls. This innovative signage solution is designed to be unobtrusive, low power and easy to install and maintain. The displays come supplied with a portal to allow images to be designed and transferred to the devices. An Application Program Interface (API) is also available that allows the hardware to interface with application software. 

Densitron Technologies will be holding a webinar on the 8th July at 10am BST to demonstrate the capabilities of DensiPaper.


For further information on the Wi-Fi Enabled DensiPaper webinar, please register your interest at: 

Densitron Technologies 
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