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Single Touch Resistive-DTS410-1040-2EG-000

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  • Size (inches): 10.40
  • Dimension WxHxD (mm): 228.70 x 173.40 x 2.20
  • Active Area WxH (mm): 211.58 x 158.75
  • Structure: Film to Glass
  • Viewing Area WxH (mm): 215.58 x 162.75

Where lower cost drift stable more durable sensors are required our high transmittance flexible polyester films are used to create the touch sensor, which is then bonded to glass.

DTS410-1040-1EG-000 - Alternative Model With 30 million hit point.

DTS431-1040-0EG-000 - Alternative Model Touch Windows with Black Border.

DTS416-1040-0FX-000 - Alternative Model With Glass-Film-Glass construction.

DTS416-1040-1FX-000 - Alternative Model With Glass-Film-Glass construction.

Download (0.62mb)


Alternative model with Glass-Film-Glass Construction.

Download (0.58mb)


Alternative model with Glass-Film-Glass construction.

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Alternative model with High impact Film.

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10.4" , 5 wire resistive TP, AG Finish

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10.4", 5 wire Resistive Touch Windows, AG Finish, Black border

More Durable

Five Wire Analogue Resistive Touch Panels:

• Drift free - repeated calibration unnecessary

• Design structure is more durable than four wire resistive

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Download Spec: DTS416-1040-0FX-000

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Download Spec: DTS416-1040-1FX-000

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Download Spec: DTS410-1040-1EG-000

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Download Spec: DTS410-1040-2EG-000

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Download Spec: DTS431-1040-0EG-000

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