Single Touch Resistive-DTS416-0650-0F SERIES

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Single Touch Resistive-DTS416-0650-0F SERIES

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  • Size (inches): 6.50
  • Dimension WxHxD (mm): 153.00 x 118.00 x 1.75
  • Active Area WxH (mm): 133.08 x 99.96
  • Touch Points: 1
  • Viewing Area WxH (mm): 137.08 x 103.96
  • Structure: Glass Film Glass

Extraordinary combination of traditional resistive touch with the addition of a glass cover lens offers and extremely cost competitive hardened sensor for use with a gloved hand, wet or harsh working environment or a passive stylus is required.

Download (359.52kb)

DTS416-0650-0F SERIES

Glass Resistive Touch Sensor


  • Works with Thick Gloves
  • Works when extremely wet or with salt water
  • Transparency is typically 80%
  • Haze 4.5%
  • Operating force < 100g
  • Impact: 25.0 Dia. Steel Ball / 67g Height = 100 cm
  • Durability 10M times (knock test, see data sheet)
  • Scratch Resistant: Hardness - 7 Mohs
  • Drift - repeated calibration typically unnecessary
  • Works with passive stylus

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Download Spec: DTS416-0650-0F SERIES

Download (359.52kb)