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Optical Bonding


Optical bonding capabilities


Densitron has recognised optical bonding as a useful capability for many years, and has registered its own patented technology, Solisbond® to enable customers to take advantage of this important feature in both indoor and outdoor applications. As displays suffer from a wash-out effect in bright conditions, optical bonding is considered a ’must-have’ for any outdoor application.

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When traditional display mountings are used, the display itself can be subject to reduced clarity, glare, condensation, and inconsistency with touch. Applying a layer of Densitron’s Solisbond® between the display and the cover lens negates all of these challenges. Solisbond® is reworkable and is also capable of bonding with different materials such as glass and plastic substrates.

Improve display clarity


Use with many materials

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Every application apart from optics has its own environmental challenges such as temperature cycling, humidity, vibration and UV resistance requirements. Tailored to each individual display, cover lens and touchscreen combination, we have experts on hand to advise on the right material, treatment and printing process for you.

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Tailored solutions

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Our optically bonded solutions are manufactured in a class 10,000 clean room facility in Taiwan. All parts are fully tested under rigorous conditions by our in-house quality control team using a range of environmental test equipment & chambers.


Solisbond® can be applied to existing products or implemented as part of our total solution offering. It is the perfect complementary technology to our wide viewing IPS displays in any indoor and outdoor applications with a large temperature variance, such as automotive, marine, GPS, medical, test & measurement, military, and Point-of-Sale.

Rigorous testing

Quality Control

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Indoor & Outdoor applications

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