From Layout to Prototype to Production: Smart TFT Redefined in upcoming Webinar 


Discover how Densitron Technologies has redefined the notion of Smart TFT in a 1 hour webinar, on the 9th July at 10am BST. You will gain practical knowledge on how our Smart TFT concept can help speed up your project, and how using our RipDraw suite benefits your progress from GUI layout, to prototype, to production. Through our simplified, yet powerful cloud-based GUI Design Tools, you will appreciate how intuitive it is to leverage the graphic capabilities of a growing generation of colour rich TFT displays
You will also discover how easy it is to integrate our range of 10.1”, 7”, 5” and 1U size Smart TFT range with the single-board computer (SBC) of your choice, be it a BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi development board, or off-the-shelf VIA Embedded or TI Mistral Crane industrial computer.


For further information on the Smart TFT webinar, please register your interest at: 

Densitron Technologies 
Tel: +44 (0)20 7648 4200