Densitron Technologies will be participating in the Embedded Design Show 2015 to highlight a host of display innovations. Visitors to stand G25 at the Ricoh Arena Coventry, 21-22nd October will be able to discover our dedicated display solutions.


The unique D-IPS TFT range has extended its reach to industrial applications with the addition of Gloved Touch PCT. As with the customisations offered on the TFT module, designers can request bespoke cover lens, surface treatment, and Solisbond® optical bonding service. 

Boasting HD display resolution, brand new 5” and 6” AMOLED panels bring out unrivalled colour saturation and widest viewing angles, making them ideal for cutting-edge industrial, medical and broadcast applications.

SolisBond_AwKhoO1 (1).gif

Latest DensiPaper™ line-up - wireless e-paper devices connected to cloud server - includes the second generation of Wi-Fi board for added functionality and security. Visitors will also be attracted to hottest Spectra™ - three-pigment colour e-paper. 

Featuring up to five screen sizes, HDMI and USB/SPI interfaces, and multi-touch PCT, RipDraw™ has redefined the notion of Smart TFT. 

Visit us at stand G25 to discover these amazing technologies! 

The Embedded Design show takes place at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry from 21-22nd October 2015. 

For further information and to register for your free entry pass visit: