Since opening in 2012 our 346 square metre, Class 10000 clean room at our facility in Taiwan, Densitron has been successfully optically bonding various display technologies with touchscreens and glass cover lenses.


With recent improvements to our bonding material Densitron is very pleased to confirm that we can now successfully add Polycarbonate cover lenses to the array of bonding material available. 

Typically with Polycarbonate lenses, the lens will expand during temperature and humidity testing required for an industrial application. This could cause stress on the bonding layer, dependant on the temperature and humidity level required.

Multi_Touch_TFT2_ehA0M4d (1).jpg

Densitron is now able to match the expansion curve of the polycarbonate lens within our bonding material, thus resulting in an effective optical bond between the polycarbonate lens and the next layer, be it the PCT touch or direct onto a display. 

This results in polycarbonate lenses and optical bonding being available for applications where glass cover lenses are not appropriate, food processing plants as an example. 

Densitron can accept customer free issued lenses or we can supply our own offering, with various treatments to meet your exact needs. 

For further information on The Densitron Range of Products, contact your local Densitron sales office where our technical sales staff and application engineers are waiting to help. 

Alternatively mail to or call +44 (0) 207 648 4200 to discuss your needs.