Densitron Europe’s new Multi Touch TFT range, covering 3.5’’, 4.0”, 4.3’’, 5.0’’, 7’’, 8’’, 9’’ and 10.1’’, is an adaptable choice for design engineers looking for displays that combine exceptional Projected Capacitive Touch Panels with our latest line-up of Industrial TFT displays. 

Features and Benefits: 
• True Multi Touch functionality with up to 10 simultaneous touch inputs, enabling gestures like zooming in, zooming out and rotation. 
• Gloved finger and wet touch operation capability 
• Rugged PCT structure that stands up to abrasive cleaners and is scratch resistant 
• Improved TFT with available in TN and IPS Ultra Wide View (UWV) solutions, offering viewing angles up to and in excess of 80° from each direction 
• Optional Solisbond® Optical Bonding Service, for enhanced sunlight readability and impact resistance 
• Optional cover lens with various surface treatment options such as anti-reflective, anti-smudge or anti-glare, for more durable and flush mounted designs 
• Calibration support. Densitron’s engineers support each client project with specific calibration of the PCT Sensor controller, to match your mechanical design, giving optimum activation force and response in any scenario. 
• Customise your cover lens , including bespoke sizes , chamfered edges, USB slot cut outs, silk screen printing design and other engineering solutions. 
• Corning Gorilla Glass cover lens options available for robust application requirements 
• We hold sample stock of all standard products

Multi Touch TFT displays in the range are well suited to a wide variety of applications, ranging from communications, marine, industrial, consumer, office equipment to white goods.


To further assist design engineers with display integration, Densitron also offers a wide range of TFT displays supporting accessories, including AD boards (HDMI or DVI), T-CON boards (DC/DC circuit built-in) allowing a single voltage supply to be use, LED driver cards, I2C to USB converters.