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Published on: Wed 04 Sep 2019


Long term partner of Densitron, Tangent, global manufacturers of video post-production equipment, has been purchasing OLED displays from the company for over 10 years. In Densitron they have found a partner who has been able to provide a reliable, quality supply, and the best advice on which model is most appropriate for their end solution.



At Andy Knox, Sales Director at Tangent comments, “When we initially researched the type of display that would work best with our control surfaces, we wanted the latest, thinnest OLED so we could achieve optimum results for our end customers, who range from professional film studios and production facilities to home video editors.”

He continues, “What we were looking for was to have a display that could show ‘labels’ for nearly every control on our panels. This would then make them as adaptable as possible, to be used with a wide range of different software applications. The OLED displays that Densitron recommended were compact enough to fit into the panel but of high enough resolution to offer a good level of detail for the labelling and annotation our customers need. The information shown on each display is driven by the particular software package which our customer is using at the time.

“Our products, which are predominantly used in the video post-production industry mainly help with colour grading, and both our globally recognised Wave and Element panels use displays from Densitron.”

“We only have positive experiences of partnering with Densitron”

However, Andy explains, the panels are so generic that they have also been picked up for use in other industries such as medical and astronomy.

“We have always been very happy with the level of service we’ve received from Densitron. The displays are excellent, of very high quality, and provide exactly what we need for both products. Densitron has always been one step ahead in keeping us informed of pipelines and stock levels of the particular parts we are interested in, and we’ve found a perfect balance in our relationship – they really are flexible enough to work with our demands.”

He concludes, “We have only positive experiences of partnering with Densitron and will continue to look to them for any other display needs in the future.”

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