Test and Measurement that proves your worth

Ensuring that systems are working and can be relied are essential to running a successful business. Our products can be relied upon to ensure yours can too.

We understand the design challenges involved in creating effective test and measurement devices. Electronic display screens need to be easy to read from any angle, accurate and sturdy for industrial environments that also require impact resistance with protection from dust and moisture ingress. And in hand held devices, low power consumption and accurate touch response, for gloved operation.

We understand your engineering requirements

Low Power Consumption

Our TFT Screen options are high contrast and even outdoor readable yet draw little power deliver accuracy with no fuss.

Low Consumption
Custom Cover Lenses

Custom Cover Lens Design

Manufactured in various grades, offering protection from light, heat, water, dust and UV damage, our bespoke designed screens can deliver excellent visibility with added toughness.

Rapid Response

Reliable feedback is key. Our Projected Capacitive Touch Sending Technology (PCT) is calibrated to guarantee consistent reaction to touch, through cover lens thickness to suit you.

Rapid Response
Handling the Heat

Extreme Temperature

With our standard 5 year supply guarantee, we offer TFT displays that can with stand the temperatures industrial testing environments often require.

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