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  • IDS Core
  • IDS TS 10.1
  • IDS Remora
  • IDS Device drive
  • IDS Design services

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Application Example
In 2016 News UK acquired Wireless Group Limited, bringing with it a large number of radio stations across the British Isles.
As part of this, News UK became the home of TalkSPORT / TalkSPORT 2 / TalkRADIO and Virgin Radio which are all recorded
in their new purpose built radio studios on the 14th and 17th floors of the News Building in London Bridge.

As part of the studio build IDS was installed throughout, with almost 100 devices being connected to provide technical signage and studio control across the building. The main features and integrations of the system include:
• Axia Pathfinder - Uses the IDS PhoneBOX driver. This provides virtual GPIOs into IDS to set a range of tally status indications such as; On Air, Mic Live, Phone and PDM Delay Routing.
• IDS created a purpose built device driver for a 25-Seven Profanity Delay Manager. IDS polls these devices to provide onscreen indication when a profanity delay is active and how long the delay is. It uses information from Pathfinder to display the correct PDM output in the correct studio, depending on what network is being routed to air from that studio.
• Another IDS device driver was created for a Datavideo BC-80 to recall pre-sets on these cameras for visualisation purposes.
• The IDS UDP command driver is used to issue UDP based commands to a Creston CP3. This integration allows IDS to
control studio blinds and switch the branding graphics on the large display walls.
• IDS DMX control is used to set studio mood lighting (internal and external) as well as key-lighting for visualisation. Presets
for each Radio network can be recalled with a single button press.
• Technical internal signage provides time, date, branding and tally indications, along with profanity delay alerts.
• External door signage provides time, date, branding and on air / mic live statues.
• Operators are able to create schedule-based pre-sets to setup a studio for a particular program using the IDS schedule application. For example, a pre-set could be created for the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show that sets the blinds, lighting
and display wall to change at a specified time.

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