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HDMI & USB-C TFT Displays

Densitron has endeavoured to adopt smart interfacing, adding HDMI and USB-C modules. Given a scenario where a native RGB or LVDS TFT becomes obsolete, one method of safeguarding longevity is to simply manage the circuit layout changes internally, with the client protected from any board layout revisions, by virtue of their system interfacing to the HDMI or USB-C side.

HDMI & USB-C TFT Displays

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Product Number Size (inch) Sort descending Resolution Viewing Angle Dimensions Brightness Contrast Ratio Operating Temp
DMT050HDNBCMU-1A 5.00" 720 x 1280 80/80/80/80 62.10mm x 110.24mm 420 800 -20°C-70°C
DMT050HDNHCMU-1A 5.00" 720 x 1280 80/80/80/80 78.56mm x 135.65mm 420 800 -20°C-70°C
DMT070F3NHCMU‐1A 7.00" 1200 x 1920 85/85/85/85 4.00mm x 176.78mm x 119.46mm 550 1100 -10°C-60°C
DMT070F3NBCMU-1A 7.00" 1200 x 1920 85/85/85/85 119.46mm x 176.78mm 550 800 -10°C-60°C
DMT101F3NHCMU-1A 10.10" 1200 x 1920 85/85/85/85 4.33mm x 244.60mm x 159.00mm 550 800 -10°C-50°C

Why use Densitron's HDMI or USB-C TFT solutions?


  • Transfer video, data, and power using one cord
  • Connect and power HMI’s and devices without an adapter
  • Smaller, easy-to-use connection type
  • Conveniently charge other external devices
  • It’s increasingly becoming a common standard for certain devices.





  • The HDMI interface cable can be used to carry both audio and video signals. Hence separate audio/video cables are no longer needed.
  • HDMI interface is available in many smart devices such as laptops, tablets etc,  hence the HMI can be connected with large size monitors.
  • It offers loss less transmission and better-quality video.
  • It offers 2-way communication with automatic configurations. Hence any external intervention to identify best resolution/audio formats can be avoided.
  • It offers authentication and encryption of the data carried by cables.
  • It offers signal integrity and hence it is possible to transmit HD contents without any degradation or alteration.
  • It can deliver deep color depths due to support of various bit formats e.g. 10/12/16 bits.



For the most challenging environments we offer a wide range of innovative customisation options allowing us to tailor components to your exact requirements.

Cover Lens Customisation

Cover Lens Customisation

Choosing from material options such as soda lime, chemical and heat strengthened, tempered and toughened glass and PMMA, Polycarbonate and Optolite™ high scratch resistant plastics, our team can pinpoint the ideal solution. Our bespoke service also includes enhancement such as Anti-Glare (AG), Anti-Reflection (AR) and Anti-Smudge (AS) optical treatments. Finally, colour and graphic logo printing, circular, rectangular and free-form cut-out detailing can fully customise your monitors.

Haptic Touch Option

Haptic Touch Option

As the ultimate in sensory and intuitive user experience, delivering product differentiation from competitors, we offer integrated Haptic feedback technology to our TFT touch sensors. Users experience added satisfaction of a tactile sensation of simulating clicks and vibrations through the touch screen, giving the enhanced perception of using physical buttons and switches.

​​Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding

When clarity and functionality is essential to create the best end-user experience, Optical Bonding offers the perfect solution for increasing visibility and durability in light-challenging and harsh environments.

Embedded Solutions

Embedded Solutions

Specially designed embedded SBC solutions for our AMOLED displays, contain all the essential hardware, software, electronics and interface drivers to reduce your development cycle and speed up time to market.

EMI and Noise Immunity

EMI & Noise Immunity

When maintaining maximum performance, reliability and output efficiency is essential, our in house engineer designed and developed protective EMI shields and ground pads to limit Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and provide noise immunity.

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